Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Industrial Park Live Dining 2008-2009

Industrial Park Live Dining 2008-2009 by Nicole Fournier
is a project made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts, Nicole Fournier and InTerreArt

Industrial Park Live Dining, the Live Dining concept adaption in the industrial park has been a co-creative project between Nicole Fournier and employees of a company. The Live Dining concept has evolved and will become a green space that will be a livable place for the employees, integrated with the small forest and wildlife, a permaculture space, indigenous plants and wild plants that existed on the site (most plants attracting pollinators) and more. The employees have called this space "Heritage Park".

Site of Industrial Park Live Dining

Below is one just one of the possibility - one of the sketches - that came out of the co-created, collaborative design process with employees, of a polyculture - permaculture integrated living green space, for employees and for Live Dining peformance 2009. The polyculture - permaculture design, includes, rare indigenous pollinator plants (to be planted), medicinal and pollinator indigenous plants that were already on the site, the small forest, organic cultivated species adapted to the climate, such as fruit trees and more.....

InTerreArt suports the conservation of the existing interconnected life between the biodiversity of species on the site, which include fox, rabbits, voles, birds, plants and trees, with restoration and enhancement with polyculture (permaculture) design, for the integration of a place for people, in the Industrial Park Live Dining project. The project includes Live Dining, and the whole co-creative and collaborative process involved in realizing this project, between employees, interdisplinary artist and ecological environmental consultant Nicole Fournier, Canadian Wildlife Federation, mammal specialist, plant specialists and experts on permaculture landscaping and environmental design, and all who bring a true honest concern for social, community and environmental health and benefits

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Les Ateliers Performances ACE avec la communauté Place Benoît -10 juillet 2011 au 18 octobre 2012

Les Ateliers Performances ACE avec la communauté Place Benoît -10 juillet 2011 au 18 octobre 2012
En partenariat avec le Centre Communautaire Bon Courage de Place Benoît (CCBC) - des oeuvres performatives misant sur le processus, depuis 2011. Ici dans l'action durant un des Ateliers Performances ACE (Art-Communautés-Environnement) . Voici des résidents de tous les ages de Place Benoît en action dans le processus de création avec Nicole Fournier, par exemples : d'avoir dessiner / composer avec des branches, enlever le gazon, pour la création d'un jardin artistique de biodiversité nourricière......